Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Nits wantlist

Here's a list of items by Nits I'm looking for at the moment.

Of course I would also like to get those rare promo items, like the piece of soap, The ITDM cent pin and the Umbrella puzzle, but I suspect these are too hard to get....

These are the Nits items I don't have yet:

Tent: Cassette 

Kilo: Greek cassette.

Henk: First issue cassette.

In The Dutch Mountains: Greek cassette

In The Dutch Mountains: European LP with Columbia on label.

Hat: Canadian cassette

Urk: any Canadian release (does it exist?)

Urk: Greek cassette (YPK)

Giant Normal Dwarf: Canadian LP (does it exist?)

dAdAdA Minidisc:

Dadada: Rough mixes Cassette

Nest: Cassette

Nest: promo cassette

Wool: Cdr promo.

Les Nuits: France WITH hype sticker:

Malpensa: CDr promo jewelcase version.

Used Furniture CDr promo

Aquarium 1-track promo

Flowershop CDr promo (any Angst related promo)

Strawberry Wood, Promo CD-r

dAdAdA, variant EU cassette

dAdAdA, Israƫli Cassette

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Updates October 7, 2017

1 track added to CD7:

A version recorded with Peter Te Bos from Claw Boys Claw as guest vocalist.

This recording is the backing track for the photo gallery on the Urk DVD.

2 tracks added to CD8:

Unique track by Henk, released on the CD “Meer Mokum” in 2013.

Unique track by Henk, written for a project by Leo Blokhuis. The project is called “What the World Needs Now” and all tracks are available to stream. As far as I know, there has been no physical release of the tracks. 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

ReQuest CD8

This is the second CD of the additional 2 ReQuest CD's.
Here's the updated Spotify list, a few additions to that one. 
In total ReQuest has 146 tracks, of which 35 are on Spotify.
The whole collection is 9 hours and 6 minutes in length.

CD8 (2006-2017) 

01 Alleen (1:41)

Live track from the compilation album “Poetracks” on which various Dutch artists play songs with lyrics from famous Dutch poets/writers. This track has lyrics by Gerard Reve. Henk sings and plays piano.

02 Is It Me? (4:01)
03 A Dentist In Germany (2:29)
04 Kitchen (3:15)

3.4.2007-January 2008: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: Nits
Doing The Dishes iTunes Bonustracks

05 Glazen Hart (Radio Edit) (3:32)

Special edit of this track from the “Aardige Jongens” CD (the track is 5:04 on that CD). The track is written by Henk. It has a shorter intro and fades out earlier. It appears on a rare CDr promo single.

06 My Left Foot (3:23)

Unique track from one-off group “Bleekwater” 
(Seppo, Henk, Oli and Pim). This is from the LofiDogma project: artists record a track in 1 day. This really nice track is recorded December 23, 2008. It's available on a CD-r from Sound Development, and also as a download on iTunes.

07 Forget-Me-Not (2:41)
08 Container (3:36)

May, June and …?... 2009: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: Nits
Strawberry Wood iTunes Bonustrack

09 Time (2:52)

Track 4 from the album Across by Perquisite, released in 2010.
Henk wrote lyrics and does lead and backing vocals, as well as guitar and piano.

10 Haarspeldbocht (Hairpin Bend) (3:44)

Taken from the compilation album “All surprises”, released June 8, 2010.
The album is freely available from

11 Bricklayer (3:13)

Malpensa iTunes Bonustrack (2012). Also appearing on a German CD-r promo.

12 Bad Government And Its Effects On Town And Country (Perquisite Remix) (3:20)

Itunes only remix by Perquisite w/ Dazzled Kid
Also released on CD-r promo.

13 Lament (live 18-01-2013) 

Unique track performed only once: at Radio 1, Met Het Oog Op Morgen, 18 January 2013.
This show has the "world-premiere" of this brand new track.
Inspired by the Dutch artist Jan Montyn, Nits played at the opening of the exhibition the 19th of January at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.
I uploaded the track to Youtube, click on the pic.

Unique track by Henk, released on the CD “Meer Mokum” in 2013

14 In The Dutch Mountains (live with Filippos Pliatsikas) (5:24)
15 Sketches Of Spain (live with Filippos Pliatsikas) (5:05)

Both tracks are live renditions from the classic Nits tracks, together with Greek popstar Filippos Pliatsikas, released March 10, 2014 on a compilation 2CD containing various other collaborations with other artists. There's also a version with DVD including the performance of In The Dutch Mountains. This is also on Youtube:

16 Take This Waltz (Yules & Henk) (7:05)

A collaboration which appeared on the Leonard Cohen tribute album “Songs of Love and Love”, free with Les Inrockuptibles, released on September 27, 2014. This track also appears on the Yules album "I'm Your Man Naked", released in 2014. Track 1 on that CD is "First We Take Manhattan" on which Henk plays acoustic guitar and does backing vocals. This track is included in the Spotify list, but not in the ReQuest set.

17 Orange & Yellow & Grey (2:40)

A track from the Leo Blokhuis project "What The World Needs Now"

Friday, 16 December 2016

Request CD7

CD7 (1978-2006) (77:38) (updated Oct. 7, 2017)

This selection tries to complete the Request 6CD bootleg with all tracks missed on Request.
This includes:
- special (radio)-edits, 
- compilation appearances, 
- duets,  
- iTunes only bonustracks 
- omissions of the original ReQuest.

Any addition will be welcomed and will be considered to be added to this collection. 
Note I will not include tracks on which Nits members only have a minor role, like playing as a guest musician, or a production credit. 

01 Blue Diamonds (2:34)

A demo recorded in 1978. This track was subsequently recorded by Dutch group “The Cats”

02 Blue Diamonds – The Cats (2:33)

Track written by Henk for Dutch group “The Cats”, first appearing on their anthology “Collected” in 2014. Nits don’t play on this track but I thought it had to be included to compare with the original demo.

03 Typist Of Candy (3:56)

Jan.-Feb. '86: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: The Nits
Alternate Take, released on Quest, COL 481089 6 (Oct. '95)
Don't know why this was ommitted from the original ReQuest (The alternate Singing Telegram was included on it)

04 The Dream (Special Radio Edit) (3:20)

19.-23.9.88: Wisseloord Studio 2, Hilversum, prod.: The Nits
Released on Promo 7-inch CBS PRO 495
This version has a shorter intro and most notably, the instrumental keyboard part by Robert Jan has been edited considerably. The regular version is 4:05

05 Blue (Live) (4:16)

Recorded 25 November 1988 in Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
Urk DVD Bonustrack. This means all tracks from Hat now are available as "Urk" versions

A live version recorded with Peter Te Bos from Claw Boys Claw as guest vocalist.
It was recorded in Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht, in December 1988.

This recording is the backing track for the photo gallery on the Urk DVD.

07 The Train (Live op Pinkpop 15-05-1989) (4:17)

Released on “40 Jaar Pinkpop Live NL” Universal Music 270 722-9 (2009)
Recorded on Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, 15-05-1989
More tracks have been broadcast at the time, a recording exists (I have it)
This was the first live concert by Nits I attended. The next one would be in 1994.

08 Mourir Avant Quinze Ans (Radio Edit) (4:01)

Recorded "Winter" 1993/94: Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, prod.: Nits
Released on Columbia Promo cd-single (SAMP 2401)
Just a shorter edit. The LP version is 6:36, the single version is 4:42.

09 Bello De Hond (Frits) (4:02)

Recorded 31-12-1994 Nieuwe De La Mar Theater, Amsterdam
B-side to “Dankzij De Dijken” CD-single.
Don't know why this was ommitted from the original ReQuest.

10 Net Als Een Kind (4:37)

A track written by Henk. first released on a CDsingle by Rob Janszen, in 1992
Written to compete in the Dutch pre-selection for the Eurovsion Songfestival 1992. Originally with Frank Boeijen in mind as the singer.
Liesbeth List also recorded this song for her album List (this version is on the Spotify playlist) and released it as a single. The demo Frank Boeijen recorded, ended up on his single Zonder Koninkrijk.
This live version features Henk on vocals and guitar.

11 Soap Bubble Box (Acapella) (3:10)

Henk sings lead on this acapella version by Belgian vocal group “Voice Male”.
Released on CD “That’s Live” in Belgium in 1998 (EPIC 492742 6)
Great recording (soundwise) and a nice performance.

12 Vierkante auto (3:59)

A track written by Henk, appearing on the album “Vergezicht” (released in 1999) by Dutch chansonnier Liesbeth List. Henk sings along.

13 Ivory Boy (Edit) (3:59)

1999-2000: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: Nits.
Taken from CD single Ivory Boy, PIAS Recordings 944.0061.24
This is just a shorter edit. Not notably different. The album version is 4:48 long.

14 For No One (Lennon/McCartney) (2:05)

Recorded 31-01-2000 for 2 meter sessies (session no. 913)
Taken from “Het Beste Van 2 Meter Sessies 1987-2009”, Universal Music 531 502-8

15 Pictures Of The Gone World (4:15)

Released in 2002 on the album “Before Sleep” from Simon Ho, this track is written by Henk, both music and lyrics. He sings lead vocals.
He sings on 3 more tracks on this album, but this is the only track he actually wrote.

16 Rumspringa (Radio Edit) (3:41)

Recorded March-Sept. 2003: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: Nits
Pias 944.0066.322 1-track promo cd-single. The album version is 6:03, so a great difference in length.

17 Vertrekhal (Duet with Frank Boeijen) (3:13)

From Frank Boeijens album “Schaduw van de Liefde”,
Released in 2003

18 Je Weet Wie Ik Ben (2:38)

Translation from the Leonard Cohen track “You know who I am”. Duet with the late Belgian female singer Yasmine. Appeared on her album “Vandaag (het morgen van gisteren)”, released  in 2004. Surprisingly heavy sound.

19 The Key Shop (War & Peace) Soft E.Q (3:23)

Recorded Spring and summer 2005: De Werf Studio, Amsterdam, prod.: Nits
Taken from Promo CDr The Key Shop, Alternate mix.

20 En We Lopen (with Frank Boeijen) (2:49)

Released on “AS” by Frank Boeijen (V2 Records, VVR1043442, 2006)
Henk wrote the music for this track, plays rainstick and sings along.

21 Nachtzwemmen (5:50)

Henny Vrienten – Nacht - De Soundtrack. Label: V2 Records – VVR1044482
Released: 27 Nov 2006. A re-recording of the track released on the BOSK tribute CD "Als jij voelt wat ik voel". The accompanying DVD is made by Henk.